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Refiners Molasses Rum 2019

Refiners Molasses Rum 2019

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Refiner’s Molasses Rum offers true delicacy and is made from sustainably sourced NSW raw liquor, a refiner’s molasses known for its delicate flavour and clean profile. Take a sip and you’ll find it builds on the palate - with notes of caramel, sultanas and marmalade - before tapering into dark chocolate and black tea flavours.

“This molasses is a stream taken from the sugar refining process and accordingly is very light in character and personality. This molasses was so light on impurities it would start to crystallise if you left it alone for long enough,” Master Distiller Dave Withers said.

“It was this elegance and ethereal lightness that we sought from the spirit. What it delivered was clarity of precision of flavour. There are no deep chocolate molasses flavours here, instead, there is a bright and vibrant personality with subtle fruit which supports the dried fruits of the apera (sherry) casks.”

Inspired by Australia's long and storied rum history - we invite you to enjoy our Refiner’s Molasses Rum 2019 in spirited company, savoured the way you like.

Tasting Notes


A beguiling combination of doughnut peaches, orange blossom and acacia honey is joined by some more subtle notes of cut grass, caramel and raisins.


A smooth and deceptive complex palate of orchard fruit, rosewood and marmalade.


Lathers of sweet caramel and stone fruit are gently dried out with a hint of dark chocolate and black tea.

Production Notes

Materials Sourced

Cane VarietyStyleOriginCultivation
NSW Sugar CaneEvaporated Cane JuiceCondong, NSWAccredited sustainably grown