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Pink Peppercorn Vodka

Pink Peppercorn Vodka

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Our Salt & Pepper Gin & Vodka Kit - a two by 200ml set of Sea Salt Gin and Pink Peppercorn Vodka, is created as a savoury tribute to our love of Martinis and long lunches by the sea and the wonders of a boozy Bloody Mary brunch the day after.

Our heady Pink Peppercorn Vodka is proof of the mouthwatering flavour profile pepper can provide, elevating any Bloody Mary into a luxurious, decadent beast as the ultimate morning pick-me-up. As fragrant as it is vibrant, it celebrates the exotic union of local lemon leaf and pink peppercorn, offering tropical fruit and citrus with notes of berries and woody spice - perfect for boisterous brunches with friends.

Tasting Notes


A burst of fresh orange and mandarin makes way for raspberries, sandalwood, rose and black pepper. A nose that keeps pulling you back in and leaves you entranced with complex and exotic aromas of pink peppercorn.


The palate is driven by white pepper, curry leaf and a lingering flourish of fresh citrus.


Captivating notes of rose, pepper and citrus.

Production Notes

Botanicals Sourced

Pink PeppercornDriedIndiaCultivated
Lemon LeafFreshGriffith, NSWCultivated
Valencia Orange ZestFreshGriffith, NSWCultivated
Strawberry gumFreshNerriga, NSWCultivated-threatened species
Orris RootDriedMoroccoCultivated