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Mill Molasses Rum 2019

Mill Molasses Rum 2019

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Mindfully distilled and matured in apera (sherry) casks; Mill Molasses Rum 2019 is the third release from our exploration into sustainably sourced NSW high-test molasses and the impact of raw material on rum character; in follow up to Fancy Molasses Rum 2019 and Refiner's Molasses Rum 2019.

Presenting at 67.5% ABV; this rum is for the serious rum drinker; full of surprising twists of flavour and uncommon but bold strokes of personality. It pays tribute to sustainably sourced B-grade molasses; grown in NSW; with a palate that offers notes of chocolate icing; bread and butter pudding and roasted walnuts. Of particular interest; restrained aromas of pot still rum can be found beneath the weight of the molasses flavours.

What is so utterly startling about this rum is just how different it is from the other types of molasses in this series. Where the other two substrates gave elegance and refinement to the spirit; this raw material is all about big gutsy herbs and funky earth flavours Master Distiller Dave Withers said.

Inspired by Australia's long and storied rum history - we invite you to enjoy Mill Molasses Rum 2019 in spirited company; savoured the way you like.

Tasting Notes


A lifted, tropical delight with freshly cut grass, warm honey and melted butter joined by ripe pineapple, spear mint and caramelised banana.


Mouth-filling bread and butter pudding, roasted walnuts and chocolate icing transition to tropical fruit, ginseng and mint keeping things bright and zippy.


Rich toffee and rum and raisin ice cream lingers with wisps of candied ginger and just a touch of salinity.

Production Notes

Materials Sourced

Cane VarietyStyleOriginCultivation
NSW Sugar CaneB MolassesCondong, NSWAccredited sustainably grown