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Maidenii Nocturne Cask Rye Malt Whisky

Maidenii Nocturne Cask Rye Malt Whisky

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When pondering what our ninth Trials & Exceptions release could be we found ourselves questioning what existing spirits could pair exceptionally with an upcoming whisky product. A no-brainer, we found whisky and vermouth to be a fantastic combination and sought to pair the two together in a unique and highly limited release. Having consumed more than a little bit of Maidenii Vermouth in our time, the team saw the iconic Australian brand as a natural partner for the product. The process saw casks that matured Maidenii Nocturne filled with a bespoke blend of Rye Malt Whisky to impart notes of botanically infused Australian Vin Amer and the subtle spice of rye, offering a flavourful intersection of grapefruit zest, plum, cloves and curry leaf with just a hint of bitterness and a long and complex finish.

Tasting Notes


Plum, ginger snaps and toffee evolve into notes of cinnamon, candied orange and golden wattle pollen



Long and complex, with candied orange zest, curry leaf and mint

Production Notes

Grain Sourced

Pale maltExtended kilningLa TrobeSE Australia
Rye maltLight kilnMixedGermany