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Ironbark Smoked Rye Malt Whisky

Ironbark Smoked Rye Malt Whisky

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Ironbark Smoked Rye Malt Whisky is our second limited edition whisky release, drawn from seven casks as the fifth release under the Archie Rose Concepts label, reserved for our rarest and most experimental products.

A sequel release to our Smoked Gin launched in March 2019, Ironbark Smoked Rye Malt Whisky features smoked water created by melting huge blocks of ice in the wood-fired oven of our neighbouring mates, Three Blue Ducks, using sustainably sourced NSW ironbark.

In creating this whisky Master Distiller, Dave Withers, explored using varying amounts of smoked water at a range of different alcoholic strengths, settling on an atypically low 40% ABV in order to best highlight the water-soluble smoked notes. At this lower ABV the decision was then made to release Ironbark Smoked Rye Malt Whisky flocked, completely unfiltered and including its natural haze and char remnants. The release of this cloudy, and historically considered “faulty” spirit aims to start the conversation about the role, type and extent of filtration in whisky production, and how it can be used to both add to and detract from a finished spirit and drinking experience. Learn more about Ironbark Smoked Rye Malt Whisky and Archie Rose's view on filtration in whisky production here.

Tasting Notes


The aroma is immediately coastal with sea spray and surf. A second pass reveals smoked bacon wrapped in campfire cooked damper drizzled in maple syrup. With time the aroma of vanilla eclairs and brandy cream emerge. A charcuterie board of cured meats sit in the background.


Salted toffee with dark chocolate shavings and ginger snap biscuits. Spiced maple syrup and more charred damper. A faint touch of rose.


Smouldering smoke and cinders from a wood fire.

Production Notes

Grain Sourced

A spirit is only as good as the materials used to make it. Great effort has been taken to showcase the unique qualities of the malt used in this whisky. We are putting malt back on the agenda.
Malt TypeTreatmentBarley VarietyOrigin
Pale maltExtended kilningLa TrobeSouth Eastern Australia
Rye maltLight kilnMixedGermany