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High-Test Molasses Rum Cask Single Malt Whisky

High-Test Molasses Rum Cask Single Malt Whisky

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Serendipity was the mother of invention when it came to the sixth release under our Trials and Exceptions series, a limited edition malt whisky finished in our high-test molasses rum casks.

Aptly named High-Test Molasses Rum Cask Single Malt Whisky, it offers notes of sticky date pudding alongside rum and raisin ice cream, striking a beautiful balance between malt and molasses. It's a spirit made for sharing or elevating the everyday. Serve it neat, over ice or build it into a boozy Old Fashioned or Manhattan. However you deem to drink it, each sip will reveal the interplay between malt and molasses, sweet and savoury, drinkability and depth.

Tasting Notes


Sticky date pudding, toffee apple and figs immediately jump out of the glass. Time allows for notes of blackcurrant, espresso beans and pimento to shine through.




Long and shifting, with espresso, cacao, roasted hazelnuts, toffee and fig.

Production Notes

Grain Sourced

Pale maltLight kilnLa TrobeEastern Australia
Amber MaltExtended kilningScope & CommanderEastern Australia
Caramel MaltHighly kilnedLa Trobe & GairdnerEastern Australia
Aromatic Roasted MaltRoastedMixedGermany
Chocolate MaltRoastedCommander & WestminsterEastern Australia
Peated Pale MaltPeat smokedChariotCaithness, Scotland