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Dry Grown Rye Malt Whisky, Harvest 2019

Dry Grown Rye Malt Whisky, Harvest 2019

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The second release in our Harvest Whisky series, Dry Grown Rye Malt Whisky, Harvest 2019 uses ancient varieties of barley and heirloom rye, grown by the Whytcross family during a time when NSW was suffering severe drought conditions. In this tough situation, we wanted to source as many drought-tolerant grain varieties as possible. The aim was to support the farmers by using whatever grains had survived and to create a whisky and front-label art that was a reflection of these harsh but all too common conditions in Australia.

Tasting Notes


Opening with candied orange, peaches with treacle and sugared almonds, the nose then transitions into some richer notes of cola, galangal, polished cedar and a touch of honeycomb.


A beguiling opening of toasted rye bread and poached apricot opens into a mouth-coating combination of mandarin, strawberries, roasted almonds and chocolate-coated oat biscuits.


Milk chocolate and coconut butter persist throughout, with a touch of drying oak to bring the whisky to a close.

Production Notes

Grain Sourced

NSW Pale Malt Light kilnLa TrobeNSW
Ancient Purple MaltLight kilnTibetan PurpleBarellan, NSW
Ancient Black MaltLight kilnEthiopian BlackBarellan, NSW
Heritage Rye MaltLight kilnLandraceBarellan, NSW
Heritage Brown Rye MaltExtended kilningLandraceBarellan, NSW
Heritage Amber Rye MaltRoastedLandraceBarellan, NSW