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Sydney Opera House Outside Gin

Sydney Opera House Outside Gin

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To celebrate the beauty, diversity and creativity of Australia’s leading cultural icon, we’ve collaborated with the Sydney Opera House to create a two-act gin release.

Named simply Outside Gin and Inside Gin this twin release will bring to life the timeless architectural splendour and natural surrounds of the Sydney Opera House alongside the creative energy and artistic talent experienced on its stages.

Outside Gin is inspired by the Sydney Opera House’s coastal setting and Utzon’s design principles, juxtaposing nature against man-made elements. Framed by the sparkling Sydney Harbour, this architectural wonder balances nature with a magnificent geometric form serving as the inspiration for Outside Gin, a juniper-forward gin accented with lemon-scented gum, South Australian yuzu, finger limes, white grapefruit, locally foraged seablite and native seaweed.

Tasting Notes


Immediately reminiscent of eucalyptus trees in full sun by the coast. A fusion of citrus with lemon, grapefruit and lime is accented by a complex array of herbal elements including pine, tea tree and mint. A confected citrus note emerges backed with a floral uplift. The aroma of seaspray is pervasive.


Showcasing precision and depth, the citrus leads into flavours of juniper which resolve into saline notes.


A lingering wrestle between citrus and eucalyptus which concludes by favouring coastal flavours.

Production Notes

Botanicals Sourced

Gin is only as good as its ingredients. By working closely with providores and embracing experimental techniques, emphasis could be placed on local ingredients which speak of their uniquely Australian provenance.
JuniperDriedMacedoniaWild foraged by hand
Lemon scented gumFreshWodonga, VictoriaWild
SeabliteFreshSouthern Sydney BeachesWild foraged by hand
Sea lettuceFreshSouthern Sydney BeachesWild foraged by hand
KombuDriedPacific OceanWild foraged by hand
Finger lime (genus unknown)FreshSydneyDerelict orchard
Emerald Green finger limeFreshRed Gully, Western AustraliaCultivated
Rainforest Pearl finger limeFreshRed Gully, Western AustraliaCultivated
Strawberry gumDriedNorthern Tablelands of New South WalesCultivated- threatened species
WaxflowerFreshGreater SydneyCultivated
River mint DriedSouth AustraliaEthically sourced
Grapefruit FreshAustraliaCultivated
Valencia orange zestFreshNew South Wales RiverinaCultivated
Orris rootDriedMoroccoCultivated