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Archie Rose x St. Ali Blasphemy Coffee Whisky

Archie Rose x St. Ali Blasphemy Coffee Whisky

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We’ve joined forces with Melbourne’s acclaimed ST. ALi coffee roasters to bring you Blasphemy: a Coffee Whisky spirit that blends our award-winning Single Malt Whisky and ST. ALi Orthodox & Wide Awake Coffee. Blasphemy showcases both the unique Archie Rose six malt mash bill and the roasted notes from ST. ALi’s blends. The coffee notes have amplified our Single Malt Whisky’s chocolate and specialty roasted malts to create an even richer and more expressive flavour profile than the sum of its parts.

Tasting Notes


Opening with barley sugar, plum jam and tarte tatin. These bright notes transition into a generous combination of roasted hazelnuts, cacao and freshly ground espresso. Marzipan, honeycomb and sassafras provide an enticing backdrop.


Initially smooth, the palate opens into a mouth-filling generosity. Sweet creme caramel, roasted banana and fresh blackberries are counterpointed dramatically by the dryness of the roasted coffee beans and malt. This then launches into waves of amaretto, dark chocolate, candied citrus peel and coconut oil.


Complex and dry, with Christmas pudding, espresso and a hint of smoke.

Production Notes

Grain Sourced

A spirit is only as good as the materials used to make it. Great effort has been taken to showcase the unique qualities of the malt used in this whisky. We are putting malt back on the agenda.
Malt TypeTreatmentBarley VarietyOrigin
Pale maltLight kilnLa TrobeEastern Australia
Amber MaltExtended kilningScope & CommanderEastern Australia
Caramel MaltHighly kilnedLa Trobe & GairdnerEastern Australia
Aromatic Roasted MaltRoastedMixedGermany
Chocolate MaltRoastedCommander & WestminsterEastern Australia
Peated Pale MaltPeat smokedChariotCaithness, Scotland