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Vanilla & Pandan Vodka

Vanilla & Pandan Vodka

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Archie Rose and Gelato Messina have come together to celebrate a shared love of exceptional, farm-grown produce and flavour with the creation of a limited edition Neapolitan 200ml three-spirit set.

Conceived as a collaborative twist on the all-time classic Neapolitan strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream combination, this three-spirit set showcases some of the outstanding produce grown at two of Messina’s own farms in Australia and by other producers. Each ingredient has then been individually distilled to create three-spirits ready for cocktail invention.

This character-filled Vanilla & Pandan Vodka features a mix of natural vanillin and Tongan grown vanilla beans from Messina partner Heilala Vanilla, perfectly paired with fragrant pandan.

Tasting Notes


Pandan & Coconut Sorbet from Messina! White jelly beans, rice pudding and royal icing.


Round and intense. Delivers on the nose with coastal and sunny flavours.


Cupcake icing with a buttery sweetness married with the creaminess of rice pudding.

Production Notes

Botanicals Sourced

A vodka is only as good as its ingredients. By working closely with providores and embracing experimental techniques, an emphasis could be placed on local ingredients which speak of their uniquely Australian provenance.
Heilala VanillaFreshTongaCultivated
PandanFreshNorth Eastern AustraliaCultivated
Natural vanillinLiquidFrance