Tasting Notes


A crisp yet soft nose shows a near neutral profile with subtle hints of apple skin and fresh orange zest. The wheat base is present with the delicate and creamy aroma of hand cut oats.


The palate is round and oily and offers flavours of marmalade and homemade lemonade.


A lingering finish with a compelling combination of fresh citrus and mint.

Recipes Featuring True Cut Vodka

True Cut Vodka Signature Serve
True Cut Vodka Signature Serve
  • 30ml True Cut Vodka
  • 100ml Ginger Beer
  • Lemon garnish
  • Sprig of mint

Local & Ethically Sourced Ingredients

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Lemon Myrtle
Origin: Lorne, NSW

Lemon Myrtle's aroma can be described as citrus zest meets dark green herbs and lemon icy poles. It adds sweetness and an unmistakable citrus flavour.

Valencia Orange Zest
Origin: Griffith, NSW

Valencia Orange Zest is sweetly scented like an orange starburst. It offers zingy acidity and tanginess with a uniquely refreshing citrus twist.

River Mint
Origin: SA

River Mint has a flavour profile similar to peppermint and sweet spearmint alongside complex herbal elements; it's also know for its antioxidant properties.

Origin: Thirlmere, New South Wales

Apple's flavour profile is crisp with a sour freshness. When added to a spirit it helps define overall body and enhances any citrus notes.

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