Tasting Notes


Rich bush honey, butterscotch and treacle-covered bananas are joined by more subtle notes of papaya, eucalypt, and incense.


A rich mouth-coating palate of sundried raisins, caramelised pineapple and subtle incense, transitioning into dried guava, orange zest and purple flowers.


Powerful and complex, with butterscotch and bush honey intermingling with tropical fruits and a beautiful incense note on the finish

Local & Ethically Sourced Ingredients

These casks, previously used to age Australian apera, bring a storied legacy to a spirit crafted from NSW high-test molasses, refiner’s molasses, and mill molasses.

NSW Sugar Cane
Origin: Condong, New South Wales

This rum showcases a blend of these three distinct molasses types to create a powerful yet exciting and approachable contemporary Australian rum.

Heritage Red Gum Cask
Origin: Australia

These casks were used for many decades to mature Australian fortified wines like tawny, apera and muscat, balancing the intensity of the eucalyptus flavours with the rich fruit character of those wines.

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