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The Writer’s Gin is an indulgent sip, featuring Australian peach, native thyme, raspberry and lemon myrtle botanicals, conceived together with Michael Williams, the editor of The Monthly magazine, Evi.O Studio and Booktopia.

The front label features a quote from iconic Australian author Helen Garner that says: “Every page of writing is the result of a thousand tiny decisions and desperate acts of will,” in testament to the agony and ecstasy of writing and to the authors who persist.

Including two new Archie Rose Bookclub books - The Hummingbird Effect, written by the esteemed author Kate Mildenhall and The Fraud written by bestselling author Zadie Smith.

The Writers Gin + 2 Books

Locally & Ethically Sourced Botanicals

Guided by our belief in transparency, we’re proud to openly share the ethos behind what, how and why we do things with an unwavering drive to universally expand people’s knowledge and appreciation of spirits.

Australian Peach
Origin: Shepparton, Victoria

Australian Peach (also known as Quandong or Desert Peach) has aromas of dry lentils with some earthy fermented notes. It tastes slightly sour and tart, and sweetness can vary.

Sourcing: Cultivated
Native Thyme
Origin: South East, NSW

Native Thyme offers a distinctive aroma of the bush. It's a flavoursome herb with a complex aroma of mint, eucalyptus and menthol with hints of earthy pepper.

Lemon Myrtle
Origin: Lorne, NSW

Lemon Myrtle's aroma can be described as citrus zest meets dark green herbs and lemon icy poles. It adds sweetness and an unmistakable citrus flavour.

Origin: Australia

Raspberry evokes sensations of fresh juicy fruit with slightly crunchy floral undertones and a bright and tangy sweet-tart flavour.

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