By Harriet Leigh, Head Of Hospitality | Gin | Double Malt Whisky

Salty Dingo

  • 30ml Double Malt Whisky
  • 90ml Strangelove Salted Grapefruit Soda
  • 5ml Honey water (1:1 honey to water)

When looking for a new signature serve for an upcoming release we often trial traditional mixers to find our preferred match. We also play around with some slightly less traditional options.

Whisky is an often revered spirit. Many aficionados will flinch at mixing whisky at all, some are appalled at the idea of including ice or water with the serve. But as we face a record-beating summer, already recording days exceeding 35 degrees in Spring, we searched for a real thirst-quencher.

We stumbled upon trying Strangelove's Salted Grapefruit Soda, and found with a bar spoon (5ml) of honey water this became nectar worthy of the gods. And we are not looking back.

The name is a nod to a classic spirit and mixer - the Greyhound: vodka and grapefruit juice. Add a salt rim and you have a Salty Dog. Swap out the vodka for some delicious Aussie whisky, and voila - you have a Salty Dingo.

Here's to highballs on hot summer's days! Cheers!

Build in a highball over ice.

Garnish with a grapefruit half wheel.

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