By Harriet Leigh, Head of Hospitality

Cosmopolitan Party Serve


The ubiquitous SATC drink. It's stood the test of time, just like the show, and it's never been better than with our Native Botanical Vodka. This is so easy to make, start with chilled ingredients, and pour all into a punch bowl, add large chunky ice (if you want to be really show-stopping you can try freezing a 500ml Tupperware container the night before the event, and putting the whole iceberg into the bowl - mixology!). Also a few orange wheels or lime wheels will add a lovely touch at the point of serving. If you want to add some summer berries, go ahead, we're looking for wow and we're looking at you.


300ml Native Botanical Vodka

100ml Triple Sec

100ml Lime Juice

200ml Cranberry Juice


Combine over ice in a vessel bigger than your head, and ladle into smaller glasses to drink.