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Back by popular demand! The Eucalypt mule is one of four Bottled Cocktails from our Native Australian range—a celebration of beautiful local ingredients that puts a homegrown spin on classic cocktails.

Crafted by the Archie Rose team, the Eucalypt Mule is a brilliant interpretation of the classic mule. Native river mint features alongside Archie Rose Original Vodka and a supporting cast of peach, apricot, and zingy ginger. Original label artwork by Melanie Vugich showcases the bright bush apples that infuse this cocktail with the flavour of Australian flora.

This ready-to-pour cocktail is mixed and measured to bring the experience of the Archie Rose Bar into the comfort of your home. Enjoy straight from the fridge over ice, or top with soda, sparkling wine or CAPI Ginger Beer.

Please note, the bottled cocktail expiry is April 2024.

Eucalypt Mule Bottled Cocktail

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